The basic prerequisite for the perfect table is a size that is optimally tailored to the requirement. In addition to the size of the room and the number of people, it is also important to pay attention to successful proportions.


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1. how many people should be seated?

The minimum size is based on the number of people who use the table daily. The following widths should be expected for a seat:

  • 50 cm for a cramped seat
  • 60 cm for a normal covered comfortable seat
  • 70 cm for a festive covered spacious seating area

So, a dimensional table with a length of 250 cm can accommodate 4 comfortable or 5 somewhat cramped seats on each side and 2 more seats at the head sides.

Sketch dimensions straight table

3. what are the dimensions of the chairs?

From the slim seat shell to the dining table armchair with lounge character, there is a wide range of different seating furniture. The following guidelines will help you decide:

  • 45 cm to 55 cm for a chair without armrests
  • 55 cm to 65 cm for a chair with armrests

Note for tables with skids or cheek frames: if all chairs are to be able to be pushed fully under the table, the internal spacing of the skids or cheeks must be observed. If, for example, three chairs 50 cm wide each are to be pushed between the frame, the internal distance must be at least 3 x 50 cm = 150 cm.

4. how wide should the table be?

To sit comfortably at the front of a table, a width of 70 cm is sufficient. However, the main factor determining the ideal width of the table is the space required in the center of the table. To comfortably arrange bowls, pots and bread baskets, a width of 80 cm - 100 cm is recommended.

Another criterion for the right width are the proportions of the table. To avoid too clunky look, it is recommended to choose a width of 80 cm - 95 cm for tables under 180 cm. For table lengths of 180 cm and more, a width of 100 cm can be chosen. For large tables longer than 300 cm, the width can be increased to 120 cm.

Sketch of the measurements of the height of a table

5. what is the right table height?

The standard height for a dining table is between 74 cm and 76 cm. The decisive factor for the appropriate height of the table is the seat height of the chairs. Modern chairs usually have seat heights between 44 cm and 48 cm. The distance from the seat to the top of the table should be between 27 cm and 31 cm. Depending on body size and personal background, the table height perceived as optimal differs slightly from person to person.

The clear height refers to the measurement from the floor to under the tabletop. Here, especially for chairs with armrests, it should be clarified whether the chairs are to be pushed completely under the table. Then the clear height must not be greater than the height of the armrests of the chair.

6. how much table can the room take?

Not every room is suitable for a large table. In smaller rooms, the distance from the walls and other furniture is the decisive factor for the size of a table. To allow comfortable sitting, your custom table should ideally have a clearance of 100 cm on all sides, but at least 80 cm.
For a bench, you can calculate with a little less distance. Here you calculate with the seat depth of the bench plus 20 cm.

In principle, it is advisable not to exhaust the space and give the table space. In some cases, it may be advisable to keep the basic dimensions of the table rather small and equip the table with a clip-on top for extension.

Dining table industrial Vader in MBzwo showroom
Sketch dimensions round table

7. how to calculate the diameter for round tables?

A round table 120 cm in diameter can comfortably seat six to seven people, depending on the type of seating. With a generous place setting, however, you should rather count on four to five people.

Ø 100 cm 110 cm 120 cm 130 cm 140 cm
narrow  6  6-7  7  7-8  9
comfortable  4  4-5  5  6  7

Round tables use the available space somewhat less favorably than rectangular tables. For a round table of 120 cm, allow about 80 cm - 100 cm all around for comfortable seating. So you should expect a total diameter of about 280 cm - 320 cm.

8. tips & tricks

To visualize the planned dimensions of the new table in the room, you can lay out the surface with cardboard or newspaper, or mark it with masking tape. This will give you a feel for the dimensions. The following questions in particular should be taken into account:

  • Can the chairs be moved far enough away from the table so that you can sit comfortably?
  • Is there enough space behind the chairs to walk through?
  • Is the distance to the walls and other furnishings sufficient on all sides?

Table Scandinavian with chairs and lamp

Have you found your perfect measurement?

If you were able to implement the instructions for determining the perfect dimensions for your new table, the next step you can

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