Under the aspects of innovation, individuality and aesthetics, ASCO® manufactures designer tables of the highest quality with many years of experience. Their exclusive portfolio includes models in timeless and modern design, which can be stylishly integrated in both private and contract areas.

MBzwo and ASCO® clear the air: With the new cooperation between the two furniture labels, ASCO® tables are now also available at MBzwo.

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Lamello | by Asco


Nightingale | by Asco

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Mono minal | by Asco

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T-Table | by Asco

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Mono | by Asco

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Artus | by Asco

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Frame | by Asco

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Axis round | by Asco

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AERO | by Asco unizwo test


Almo | by Asco


FERRO line | by Asco


Hada | by Asco


RHEDA | by Asco


UNO | by Asco




MONO - a masterpiece of asymmetrical design. The table is characterized by the characteristic solid wood base, which revolutionizes the classic concept of the centrally positioned foot and is placed slightly offset to the side. The columnar base is cut from a trunk whose natural features, such as drying cracks and annual rings, are visible from above through a cutout in the tabletop. The look is completed by the rectangular steel base plate, which offers an exciting contrast to the rustic and vibrant wood.
With geometric shapes and in an expressive way, MONO excellently accentuates its surroundings.

Asco Mono


In a reduced version, the designer Götz Ladendorf created the table MONO MINAL, where the solid wood top is supported by a minimalist and thin steel cheek instead of a wooden column as in the MONO, which gives the imposing furniture lightness and a weightless appearance. An elegant table perfect for the living area or as an object in interior design.


A table that is out of the ordinary. FRAME gives the appearance of a festive table, but at the same time is ideal as a meeting table or in the contract sector. With a lot of sophistication, the design studio Vertijet designed the table, whose base consists of a cast concrete frame, which has a straight and smooth surface on the outside and convex on the inside. With its eye-catching and characterful shape, the frame lends its name to the piece of furniture and makes a stylish statement. A few centimeters above the concrete frame, the solid wood top rests seemingly weightless. With its innovative combination of wood and concrete, the table's dualistic nature makes it a highlight anywhere.


Timeless and contemporary at the same time - The ARTUS bar table with its geometric design and clean lines conveys a modern atmosphere with archaic grace. The raw steel frame supports the solid wood top with ease and creates a harmonious combination of wood and steel. ARTUS is a table that can be showcased especially in the convivial center and extraordinary locations.


AXIS ROUND dining table was designed by Brüll+Nolte design studio and its open, communicative design directly invites you to take a seat. The generous round wooden tabletop rests on a solid flat steel frame, whose steel runners cross each other in subtle originality and offer the table stability. The contrast of solid wood and steel harmoniously emphasizes the qualities of each material and underscores the impressive composition.

asco axis round table


Honest and clear - the design of the T_TABLE is characterized by its reduced and down-to-earth character. The base frame consists of a filigree, graceful steel cheek, which is the model's namesake in the side view. The clear architecture harmonizes ideally with the material combination of wood and steel and completes the appearance in an elegant and aesthetic style. The T_TABLE perfectly accentuates dining and living areas and can also be used impressively in the contract sector.

The ASCO® brand

In 1998, Gerd Alfers founded ASCO® - a furniture label that specialized in making high-quality, characterful tables in timeless and modern designs under the principles of highest quality, sustainable production and innovation. In more than 20 years of manufacturing history, their spirit of innovation has been particularly influential in the design of the asymmetrical table. Characteristic of this is the table MONO, with its unusual appearance finesse and practicality.
In close cooperation with talented designers, ASCO® creates noble and stylish tables for private and contract use, whose dimensions and surfaces can be varied as desired. This creates the optimal combination of authenticity and and individuality.

In the summer of 2021, MBzwo and ASCO® decided on a collaboration that underlines their shared values and common goal, and in which both furniture labels complement each other in a reciprocal and forward-looking way.