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Coffee tables & side tables - modern, simple design

At MBzwo you will find an exclusive selection of coffee tables and side tables. In addition to our own products, we also offer design coffee tables from selected labels. High quality, high-quality materials and exclusive design are key requirements for us.

Titu table in the MBzwo showroom

The origin of the term coffee table

The coffee table is defined as a low table that is used as a piece of furniture for a sofa set.
The couch as furniture has only been referred to as such in Germany since the 20th century. Accordingly, the term coffee table is a relatively new term for this special table. Before that, the term "sofa", derived from Arabic, was used in Germany from the 17th century onwards.

With the advent of different sofa variations such as ottomans, récamières or chaise longues, comfortable seating increasingly became a place for social gatherings where people drank coffee or tea together. This upholstered furniture was then supplemented with a side table or coffee table.

Design coffee tables

While the coffee table is classically a rather practical piece of furniture that serves as a shelf, it is becoming increasingly important with the increasing size of today's sofa landscapes and the focus on the living room as a living space. Today, the coffee table is understood as a harmonious complement to the seating set or as a visual eye-catcher and focal point of the room, which also likes to function as a style break.

The side tables from MBzwo are designed according to high aesthetic standards and can be made in colour and wood type to match your furnishings.

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Tabanda Design Coffee Table, Designer Coffee Table Tabanda, MBzwo Design Coffee Table Round, MBzwo Tables Made to Measure

Coffee tables in the Berlin showroom

We show a larger selection of coffee tables and side tables in the MBzwo-showroom in Berlin. In our showroom at the production site in Verl (near Gütersloh and Bielefeld), you will also find various coffee tables made of solid wood. We also manufacture custom-made coffee tables on request, exactly according to your ideas.

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