MBzwo " Design seating furniture

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MBzwo LIKE leather | wire frame

1.190,00 €

MBzwo LIKE leather | Star Foot

1.090,00 €

MBzwo LIKE leather Armchair | Wire Frame

1.490,00 €

MBzwo Leather Bench LIKE

2.345,00 €

MBzwo LIKE flax

698,00 €

MBzwo LIKE wood flax

688,00 €

Arva light | Chair | Wire armrest | by KFF

927,00 €

Arva | Chair | without armrest | by KFF

859,00 €

Arva light | Chair | without armrest | by KFF

693,00 €

Arva | Chair | upholstered armrest | by KFF

1.233,00 €

Arva light | Chair | upholstered armrest | by KFF

1.020,00 €

Arva | Bench | upholstered armrest | by KFF

3.316,00 €

Arva | Bench | without armrest | by KFF

2.975,00 €

Arva | Counter stool | by KFF

820,00 €

Arva | Bar Chair | by KFF

929,00 €

Arva | Bar stool | by KFF

820,00 €

Kirk | Chair | by KFF

1.230,00 €

Arva Lounge | armchair | upholstered armrest | by KFF

1.810,00 €

Arva E-Lounge | Armchair | by KFF

4.006,00 €

Arva Lounge | Armchair | without armrest | by KFF

2.030,00 €

Arva | Counter Chair | without armrest | by KFF

929,00 €

Arva light | Bench | upholstered armrest | by KFF

3.037,00 €

Arva light | Bench | without armrest | by KFF

2.696,00 €

Arva light | Bar stool | by KFF

718,00 €
High-quality workmanship & fine design

Designer seating furniture

Finding the right seating furniture can be a real challenge! After all, chairs and benches should not only meet one's own requirements in terms of taste and style, but also one's personal demand for quality. In addition to design, the most important factor in seating furniture should not be neglected: A chair must be robust and comfortable.
design seating bench like

Designer seating furniture from MBzwo

We design and manufacture some of the designer seating furniture in our range in cooperation with partners from our network. All designer seating furniture from the LIKE and N-BLOGG series, as well as the Fly chair and the Zsteel bench, are available exclusively from MBzwo. Thanks to the direct line to all craftsmen, we can influence every detail from the design to the seat cover. This allows us to maintain our high standards of quality and function in the area of design seating furniture as well.
Elegant & timeless

Seating furniture design and best quality

Our range of designer seating furniture consists exclusively of high-quality chairs and benches. Like our solid wood tables, our designer seating furniture is "Made in Germany". The focus of our designer seating furniture is on the finest materials and high-quality workmanship, high functionality and independent design.

MBzwo Design and other designer seating furniture

In addition to our own designs, you will also find design seating from friendly design brands in our portfolio. The majority of the models come from cooperation with designers and upholsterers directly from our regional network. But we also offer designer chairs from international brands. We select this designer seating furniture carefully so that we can offer you not only the latest design but also the best quality. In our showroom in Berlin or in our online shop, you will find Tabanda seating furniture, for example.