kff gaia chair on natural wood table

"GAIA is the result of a crossover of organic and ergonomic forms. When developing this new family of furniture, I had a flower in mind, and I let myself fall into its petals. KFF®'s high level of craftsmanship and my signature design are the ingredients for this new collection."

- Monica Armani

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Gaia Calice Lounge | Armchair | by KFF

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Gaia Lounge | Armchair | by KFF

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Gaia | Bar stool | by KFF

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Gaia | Chair | by KFF

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Gaia | Counter stool | by KFF

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Gaia | counter chair | by KFF

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Gaia Casual | Bar stool | by KFF

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Gaia Casual | Chair | by KFF

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Gaia Casual | counter stool | by KFF

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Gaia Casual | Counter Chair | by KFF

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Gaia Casual Lounge | Armchair | by KFF

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Gaia Line | Bar stool | by KFF

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Gaia Line | Chair | by KFF

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Gaia Line | counter stool | by KFF

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Gaia Line | counter chair | by KFF

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Gaia Line Lounge | Armchair | by KFF

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Say it with flowers
kff gaia chair at dining table in modern room


With flowers as a model, Monica Armani created the characteristic GAIA chair, which is characterized by its distinctive backrest. Shaped like the leaves of a flower, the backrest with five or seven elements surrounds the cantilevered seat or with a continuous backrest in the GAIA Casual and GAIA Line series.


While keeping nature in focus, Monica Armani's design creates a first-class seating experience in any living room and elegantly adorns the ambitious contract sector. The comfortably upholstered chairs can be easily test-sat in the KFF® showroom in Berlin.



The first design of the GAIA collection: designed according to the concept of naturalness and sensuality in the form of a flower.

The individually upholstered elements form the soft backrest as a collective of 5 or 7, framing the generous seat.

The covers of the seat and backrest can be configured independently, allowing individuality and creativity in full bloom.


GAIA CASUAL, with its simpler and reduced backrest, creates a clear distinction from the original Gaia range and at the same time highlights the characteristic attributes shared by all the models in the entire GAIA collection:

Comfort, sensuality and attention to detail.

kff gaia casual at modern concrete table in cozy environment


Minimalist design with character.

Designer Monica Armani draws a common thread through her designs, and in her GAIA LINE series she also implements the characteristics of the GAIA collection with sophistication and ambition: expansive seat, soft upholstery and the ergonomically shaped backrest.

Its uniqueness lies in the fine piping that adorns the outer edge of the backrest and convinces with elegance all along the line.