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Tonon is a real evergreen in the designer scene: the traditional Italian company has been producing seating furniture with comfort and style for almost 100 years. At MBzwo you will find a wide selection of the best Tonon products.

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Tonon Step Chair soft | 904.81

549,00 €

Tonon Step Armchair | 904.82 | soft

694,00 €

Tonon Step Armchair | 904.94 | upholstered leather

789,00 €

Tonon Step Armchair | 9w4.94 | soft upholstered

1.000,00 €

Tonon Step Chair | 9w4.93 | soft upholstered

728,00 €

Tonon Basic | 934.92 | Leather

775,00 €

Tonon Basic 2 | 926 | Leather

624,00 €

Tonon Basic 2 | 926.82 | Armchair

916,00 €

Tonon Corda | 162.01 | wicker chair

461,00 €

Tonon Corda | 162.71 | wicker bench

1.557,00 €

Tonon Corda Armchair | 162.11 | Wicker Chair

607,00 €

Tonon Corda Lounge | 162.21 | Wicker Chair

729,00 €

Tonon Flat Barstool | 923.41 | Fabric

875,00 €

Tonon Lili soft | 1w7 | leather

886,00 €

Tonon Quo | 910.01 | design chair

414,00 €

Tonon Triangolo | 230.02 | wood chair

799,00 €

Tonon Flat | 923.81 | Fabric

957,00 €

Tonon Flat | 9w3.81 | soft

805,00 €

Tonon Lili | 147.03 | Fabric

991,00 €

Tonon Up Chair | 907.81 | Design

589,00 €

Tonon Up Chair | 917.11 | wood

1.050,00 €
Tonon is a renowned and well-known manufacturer of design seating furniture from Italy. The traditional brand thrives on multi-faceted products, a sense of trends and collaboration with professional designers.
Design chair Flat from Tonon at MBzwo
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1st Tonon - 100% Made in Italy since 1926

Tonon is a company with a far-reaching history: soon after its foundation in 1926, the Italian brand conquered the international market. Mainly due to reliably high quality in workmanship and design, Tonon has managed to maintain its position ever since - creativity and care have been passed down through generations.
One of the first Tonon chairs from 1929

2. design

There is a face behind every product. Renowned international designers architects develop ideas for contemporary and attractive seating furniture together with the company. Creative people from different cultural backgrounds create the seating collections with great aesthetic and functional sensitivity - and this in line with Tonon's stated philosophy: to create products for international markets and needs.

3. tonon at MBzwo

Tonon produces mainly seating furniture in all shapes and colors. The palette ranges from design chairs to benches to modern bar stools. We at MBzwo from Berlin rely mainly on the Tonon chairs. The collections vary in design and functionality and offer versatile uses and design elements. From practical swivel chairs for everyday use to noble lounge chairs, everything is there.
Here we present you some design seating furniture from our assortment:
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4. tonon Berlin

In our showroom in Berlin you will find an exclusive selection of Tonon Design chairs. Feel free to visit us spontaneously or make a personal → consultation appointment. MBzwo is a selected distributor of Tonon in Berlin - our staff will advise you professionally and in detail.