Table tops made to measure from solid wood

Table tops from MBzwo - made of solid wood and made to measure. For your own table project, we manufacture high-quality individual pieces according to your ideas. From the bar top to the large table, we can flexibly implement all requirements.

MBzwo " Table tops

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Table tops | oak

987,80 €

Table tops | Swiss oak | Swiss edge

1.107,80 €

Table tops | Oak | Tree edge

1.347,80 €

Table tops | aspen oak | boat shape

987,80 €

Table tops round | aspen oak

815,00 €

Table tops round | aspen oak | Swiss edge

915,00 €

Table tops | Premium oak

1.409,00 €

Table tops | Premium oak | Swiss edge

1.529,00 €

Table tops | Premium oak | Boat shape

1.409,00 €

Table tops round | Oak Premium

1.075,00 €

Round table tops | Premium oak | Swiss edge

1.175,00 €

Table tops | white oiled oak

1.052,60 €

Table tops | white oiled oak | Swiss edge

1.172,60 €

Table tops | white oiled oak | boat shape

1.052,60 €

Table tops round | white oiled oak

855,00 €

Table tops round | white oiled oak | Swiss edge

955,00 €

Table tops | oak premium white oiled

1.473,80 €

Table tops | Premium white oiled oak | Swiss edge

1.593,80 €

Table tops | oak premium white oiled | boat shape

1.473,80 €

Table tops round | oak premium white oiled

1.115,00 €

Table tops round | Oak Premium white oiled | Swiss edge

1.215,00 €

Table tops | smoked oak

1.247,00 €

Table tops | Smoked oak | Swiss edge

1.367,00 €

Table tops | Smoked oak | Boat shape

1.182,20 €
Made to measure

Solid wood table tops in top quality directly from the manufacturer

Our table tops are made of the finest solid wood in our manufactory in East Westphalia. They are available in a thickness of 28mm to 50mm, the dimensions are freely selectable. We can easily realise intermediate dimensions and individual custom-made products - feel free to contact us by phone or let us know your ideas via the quotation form! MBzwo products are characterised by the highest quality of workmanship and a silky finish and are produced exclusively in our manufactory.
Detail view of walnut table top with tree edge
Naturally grown

Made to measure with tree edge

For an expressive, rustic look, table tops with a tree edge are particularly suitable. These special solid wood table tops are an absolute eye-catcher and bring a piece of nature into the room with their characteristic look. Classically as a dining table, as a worktop in the kitchen or as an unusual bar counter made of solid wood.
To produce a custom-made table top with a tree edge, the long sides are left in the natural shape of the tree trunk. Characteristic are the beautiful grains and the individual shape of the tree, which is preserved. Depending on the type of wood, the sapwood still forms special contrasting accents in the table top. Our solid wood table tops with tree edge are just like our other products made of the finest material and manufactured in Germany.
For the home

Table tops for dining tables

Our table tops are the perfect solution for your own dining table. At MBzwo, we use only the best woods and prefer reasonable growing and drying times to fast production. All products can be configured to measure - so you are guaranteed to find the right length and width.
Filigree with fine line

With chamfered edge (Swiss edge)

For table tops made of solid wood that are to appear filigree and elegant, a chamfered edge is suitable as a visual trick. This is also known as a Swiss edge. The edge is chamfered at an angle of 60 degrees so that only a fine line (approx. 7 - 8 mm) remains visible and the solid table top appears lighter and more filigree.
The harmonious form

Round table tops

Round table tops are ideal for the coffee table, side table or even the special dining table. The harmonious shape blends seamlessly into any interior design style and loosens up the room. We always recommend steel cores even for round customised table tops. This option is particularly useful for tabletops with a diameter of 120 cm or more. Our versatile range applies to this shape just as it does to the classic rectangular one: wood assortments from aspen oak to walnut in various oilings or edge options are also available for round table tops.
MBzwo Round table top made to measure, Round table tops made to measure
Rivolta table in white oiled oak
Versatile offer at MBzwo

Further applications

In addition to the uses described, our table tops can also be configured for special purposes: For intensive use, for example in a bar or café, we recommend a matt lacquered surface. The lacquer is particularly resistant and can withstand intensive use without any problems.
If you need a table top for a desk, you can add an integrated cable socket to the order if you wish. Ideal for a tidy and sorted workplace.
As a further option, we offer cut-outs made to measure. This option is particularly useful for table tops that are intended as kitchen tops with sinks.
For individual wishes and configurations that cannot be configured in our online shop, please contact us via our quotation form. We are specialised in custom-made products and are happy to deal with your ideas.

Table top with steel core

Solid wood is a natural material that can change and warp over time. In order to ensure permanent dimensional stability and to prevent warping, we always recommend providing the table top with custom-made steel cores. By the way, steel cores are the modern version of the classic burr strip that has been used in carpentry since time immemorial. Reinforcement with steel cores is particularly recommended for widths of 80 cm or more, so that the individual bars of the solid wood top can work and the table top still retains its shape for a long time.


Ash oak

The aspen oak table tops captivate with a strong character expression with knots and flowery grain. Aspen oak is not a species of oak but a designation for wood from oak trees with many knots and intergrowths. The knotty oak is also called wild oak.

Premium oak

For the table tops in the oak premium assortment, knot-free wood is selected as far as possible. The table top in the knot-free premium assortment appears homogeneous and calm.

White oiled oak

White oiled aste oak is - as the name suggests - a custom-made aste oak table top finished with white natural oil. The oil consists of food-safe natural products based on linseed oil with beeswax content. Natural white colour pigments give the wood a subtle tint.

Oak Prem. white oiled

The white oiled oak Premium is treated in the same process as the white aste oak assortment. The refinement makes the grain of the wood appear more homogeneous and colour contrasts are softened. At the same time, the colour saturation decreases significantly - the typical golden-yellow hue of oak wood is replaced by a white that fades into greyish in the darker structures.


Walnut branch

Walnut knotty table tops has a timeless, elegant wood and is considered robust and durable at the same time. In the knotty assortment, a lively wood pattern is created, the grain is interrupted by sealed knotholes. At the same time, the grain makes waves at these points, which adapt to the holes and enclose them - thus forming a dynamic grain progression that supports this impression.

Premium walnut

The premium version of the walnut table tops has knotholes reduced to a minimum. Accordingly, the wood appearance here can be described as more uniform and discreet. Only planks that are largely knot-free are used for Premium walnut table tops - the grain is therefore straighter and appears more homogeneous.

Walnut branch with sapwood

In addition to the typical knots, some of the sapwood is also used in this walnut grading. Sapwood refers to younger layers of wood that are found in the outer part of the tree. In contrast to the dark heartwood, this wood is dominated by a lighter, orange-yellow hue - creating an exciting contrast that makes every table top special and unique.

Walnut satin

The satin walnut is also called French walnut. In this assortment, larger proportions of the young, light sapwood are used and at the same time a varied transition to the dark brown heartwood is used. Walnut Satin is the most contrasting assortment in our range and is considered to be particularly lively.