Many steps are needed to turn a tree trunk into a table, and just as many passionate hands to work the wood.
Since we produce our solid wood tables in our own workshop in Germany and work exclusively with partners from the region, we have full control over all levels of the production chain.
This allows us to guarantee a quality that clearly stands out, because as is so often the case, the devil is in the detail.
From the right time of felling, to careful drying and storage, to the final sanding and treatment of the surface, it is the sum of the subtleties that ultimately defines a perfect piece of craftsmanship.


Are you looking for a table with extra length? At MBzwo, we can realise tables for you up to a length of 5 metres.

MBzwo | premium furniture



Advice straight from the workbench. Sawdust and linseed oil are in our blood, with experience and expertise we find the perfect table for all needs.


For 45 years, everything has revolved around wood and beautiful furniture. MBzwo is family business 2.0, tradition meets innovation.


Our premium delivery service ensures a comfortable start with the new piece of furniture. The team sets up the table and disposes of the packaging.

1. sawmill

In the sawmill, everything is a bit bigger than we know it from the workshop. Large machines move thick logs, the highlight of the machinery is without a doubt the large log saw.
The mill is less than five kilometres away from our workshop and we have been working with the team from the Holter sawmill for over 20 years. This allows us to regularly inspect the stock directly on site in order to select the best woods for our tables and furniture.
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Wood storage in the MBzwo workshop

2. wood store

Larger quantities of wood are constantly stored in our timber warehouse so that we can also easily handle order peaks. In addition, our wood is always dried to a perfect residual moisture of 8 - 12 %.
This is fundamental for further processing and perfect quality. Because it is precisely the last percentage points of residual moisture that take up drying time, but also make the difference.

3. rough cut

Before the actual cutting takes place, the still unprocessed planks are meticulously selected; the first step that significantly determines the later appearance of the table top. Depending on the order, the wood is selected according to its sapwood and knotwood content. The bad wood is removed from the planks that do not meet our high quality standards and, for example, show wind cracks.
Then the boards are cut to the desired length. The planks are cut lengthwise with the longitudinal saw to obtain the desired width of the transoms. This is where we offer our customers their first special service. You can determine the width of the individual beams from which the table top is to be made. For example, it is possible to arrange different width transoms symmetrically or asymmetrically or to determine the dimension of transoms of the same width.
In the last step, the transoms are planed from below and above to achieve exact edges and an absolutely even surface.
Employees in the MBzwo workshop
Cutting of solid wood beams in workshop

4. press

Before gluing and pressing, the transoms for the table top are selected. In the next step, the arrangement of the transoms is determined. This is where the final look of the tabletop is shaped. The alignment of the grain and the character-forming features of the wood requires experience and a good feel for wood as a material.
On request, our customers can receive a photo of the so-called laying in order to then determine for themselves how exactly the individual bars are to be arranged.
In the next step, the glue is applied and the bars are placed in the press in the previously determined order. Under pressure and heated by heating elements, the bars are bonded together forever.

5. grinding

The glued board is pushed through the wide belt sander several times to create an absolutely smooth surface. The fine sanding is the basis for a perfect surface.
Employees in the MBzwo workshop
Employees in the MBzwo workshop

6. assembly of the steel core

As a matter of principle, up to three steel cores are milled into our table tops. On the one hand, this ensures absolute stability; on the other hand, the cores are constructed in such a way that the wood has room to move and work.

7. surface

Our table tops are treated with natural linseed oil wax as standard. Oiled surfaces have the great advantage that they can be sanded and re-oiled at any time. This is so uncomplicated that it can be done at home without much effort.
Furthermore, oiled surfaces are absolutely harmless even in direct contact with food. Linseed oil is also used as cooking oil, the wax is beeswax.
Our tables are oiled two to three times, depending on the type of wood. The oil is sprayed on and then has 30 minutes to soak in. In the next step, the oil is then carefully sanded in with a hand-held scraper. Excess oil is then rubbed off with a cloth.
mbzwo table tops surface