Wood as a building material has accompanied humans since they were able to use tools and walk on two legs. So it is hard to imagine that cultures and civilisations would exist in this way today if there were no wood - in every era of history, the natural material has played an elementary role.
Even though it would be much easier and cheaper nowadays to build a dining table out of plastic, for example, everyone prefers a table made of wood - because of our connection to nature and our innate sense of aesthetics, both haptic and visual. With this awareness and respect for nature, we at MBzwo create sustainable pieces of furniture and let the material speak for itself through reduced design.


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Advice straight from the workbench. Sawdust and linseed oil are in our blood, with experience and expertise we find the perfect table for all needs.


For 45 years, everything has revolved around wood and beautiful furniture. MBzwo is family business 2.0, tradition meets innovation.


Our premium delivery service ensures a comfortable start with the new piece of furniture. The team sets up the table and disposes of the packaging.

1. OAK

Oak is the classic among wood species - no wonder, because the robust wood has a lot to offer: It is easy to process and finish, extremely resistant to damage and has a long shelf life. Furthermore, the discreet colouring is versatile and blends easily into given interior designs.
At MBzwo you will find oak wood in the assortments premium, aspen oak, white oiled and black smoked. Learn more:


Walnut is considered a very high-quality wood. The strong black-brown colour in the base is used differently in the assortments: The premium variant contains homogeneous, dark core elements of the trunk, while assortments with sapwood content live from a high contrast between the light sapwood portion and the dark core portion.
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An extremely hard wood for which a low contrast between sapwood and heartwood is characteristic. This creates a relatively homogeneous picture in white to light yellow colour.
At MBzwo you will find tables and table tops in the assortments Premium and grey oiled.


Strictly speaking, the elm is the widespread mountain elm in Europe with a beautiful, light brown-reddish wood. Elm refers to the tree in the narrower sense, while the cut wood is called elm. It is a hard and durable wood.

A distinctive feature of elm is its typical ring pores. The latewood vessels join together to form fine wavy lines, between which the earlywood veins draw bright, yellowish-white areas. The resulting wood texture is very lively. The decorative wood of the elm is one of the most visually interesting European wood species.


In many cases, the same woods go very well together. The combination of furniture in oak and a table made of oak usually harmonises excellently. Also rather reddish wood rates such as beech or cherry can be combined well in principle.
As far as the floor is concerned, a combination of the same or similar woods is particularly suitable if the visual accent of the room is to be set on other furniture or areas, such as the fitted kitchen.
However, the combination of woods is usually a very individual matter about which it is difficult to make general statements. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for a detailed and personal consultation:
Untreated oak log in the MBzwo workshop


Solid wood, also known as solid timber, is a particularly durable, robust and therefore long-lasting material. Solid wood involves longitudinal cuts from a tree trunk that are subsequently processed organically by milling or planing. In contrast, chipboard or MDF, for example, are produced by shredding the wood and then chemically and mechanically reassembling it.

In addition to its ecological advantages, solid wood is characterised by the preservation of the unchanged, grown structures of the wood. Characteristic of solid wood are natural differences in colour and structure, irregularities or knotholes, which make each piece unique.


For the production of our tables, we use high-quality, lengthwise continuous solid wood planks and no industrial piece goods. A plank is the sawn timber from the round wood of the tree trunk. This is cut into bars up to 12 cm wide.
Different sizes of table tops in the MBzwo showroom


Each plank and each bar are grained differently and accordingly there are various possible combinations to determine an individual overall appearance of the table top. Each solid wood table and each solid wood table top is an unmistakable individual piece. Our carpenters are very experienced in laying the wooden tops. With their trained eye and great care, they put together the individual cuts of the planks for a beautiful, harmonious or even expressive wood image.


So that you can have a say in how your new table should look, we offer you the possibility of receiving a so-called laying sample during the production process. You will receive a photo from our workshop with the planks laid together and thus get a first impression of your new table top. If you prefer more or less knots, a different grain pattern or a different order of the planks, we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.
Solid wood is a demanding material. No two trees are alike, so each piece of wood has its own unique characteristics. This makes each piece of furniture unique, with individual structure and grain.
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Different types of wood in the MBzwo showroom


You don't know yet which wood is the right one for you? Depending on the existing furnishings and the requirements of your solid wood table in everyday life, different types of wood are recommended. We would be happy to advise you personally on the right wood for you. In addition, you can have wood samples of the MBzwo woods sent to you free of charge - so you can get a first impression of the different assortments.